Justin Bieber
Wizard of Oz
Princess &
The Frog
Phineas & Ferb
Nightmare Before Christmas
Mario Brothers
Twilight Eclipse
Twilight Saga
Harry Potter
Toy Story

WOW your party guests with a PS Stationary Bingo game that compliments your party theme!  These games are an original PS Stationary 5000 creation that combines the fun of a traditional bingo game with the challenge of a trivia game.  With main and secondary characters as well as objects and scenes from their favorite movie, party goers of all ages are sure to love this party favor as they test their knowledge and compete for bingo!  Set includes 8 or 16 bingo cards and 48 call tabs.  The bingo cards in the examples have a variety of messages as examples that can be written across the top section but this can be replaced with any name or message that you choose.  Please NOTE:  If no personalization is specified, the game cards will be sent with no message printed across the top 

Cards and call tabs are laminated for long-lasting beauty and durability.  Each card measures approximately 8 1/2 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide.  To cover sections as they are called you can use pennies, candies or even dry erase markers because these laminated cards wipe clean! 


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       wizard of oz bingo game

wizard of oz bingo multi
justin bieber bingo game

justin bieber bingo multi

Alice In Wonderland
Disney Cars
harry potter bingo game

harry potter bingo game multi pic
mario brothers bingo game

mario brothers bingo game multi pic
nightmare before christmas bingo game

nightmare before christmas bingo game multi
Phineas & Ferb Bingo Game

Phineas & Ferb Bingo Game Multi pic
Set Size
Character Choice
Message On Top
Personalized Message
princess and the frog bingo game

princess and the frog bingo multi pic
shrek bingo game

shrek bingo multi pic
tinkerbell bingo game

tinkerbell bingo game multi
twilight bingo game

twilight bingo game multi

Set Size
Character Choice
Message On Top
Personalized Message
twilight eclipse bingo game

twilight eclipse bingo game multi

Set Size
Character Choice
Message On Top
Personalized Message
Disney Cars Bingo Game

Disney Cars multi pic
toy story bingo game

toy story bingo game muti pic